Dear Diary


I have started bringing my journal whenever I am out once more. I missed the heaviness of its bulk against my bag. My journals and I always had a special bond. We go way back.

It has once saved me from the long and hellish traffic while commuting. From boring professors and long class breaks. From several life disappointments.

My journals have seen me through the different stages of my life.

From my sappy, starry eyed adolescent phase – insecure of herself, pinning over her unrequited love. To my angry teenager stage – feeling misunderstood by her family.

It has let me share the bliss and uncertainties of a new love. The joys and fears of having a baby and raising one. The ups and downs of having an unconventional job. Even the hurt and disappointments over a back stabbing friend.

My journal let me pour my thoughts, tears and fears. It has kept secrets I am scared to tell even to my husband. It didn’t judge me while I judged the people around me. It let me vent out my frustrations.

It listened.

I have been on hiatus from writing long entries for a while now, just jutting down bullets of my brain farts.

With the burst of technology, it has became easier to type down my thoughts through my online journals. I am spending more that 10 hours a day in front of a keyboard anyway — I even have forgotten the last time I held a pen except when signing bills.

In a way, I felt like I’m being unfaithful to my journals with this blog. Both may seem to answer my need to just write and share. But you see, they are different.

With my journals, not only have I missed feeling the strokes of my pen against paper.

I missed being myself. 

Dear journal, I promise not to ignore you again.

NOTE: Excerpts of this post was previously published through my old blog. It’s still there, just forgot my details. Typical me.

42 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    I have always wanted to have a diary chronicling my journey. I never did so in more ways than one, my blog is the closest thing to one.

    Much like reading books – the physical book itself, writing on a physical journal has that special connection with you. I hope you continue writing this time around.


  2. SofarsoSabine says:

    Journals of yourself are a good mirror. They are a way to get to know yourself better. They are a way to keep in contact with your inner self. I love keeping diaries but I simply don’t make the time for it. Maybe I will post something personal again on my blog.

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  3. Madz says:

    I started writing in journals in highschool.I used to write melodramatic stuff coupled with angst.Sometimes I feel like writing my rants again but these days I keep a gratitude journal instead.Btw, I if you don’t mind me asking, what’s a good online journal to use?

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    • mommykach says:

      Haha, guess we went through the same stuff back then cause I was alsi melodramatic and angry. I like the idea of a gratitude journals, to keep things positive. I personally use goodnightjournal. 🙂


  4. Joanna says:

    I could never keep a proper journal of my life. I did try but always left it behind. It is nice that you have it so important in your life, I know it’s much easier to get over a situation if you write down your feelings, it helps you pass over faster.

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  5. Nicole Paler says:

    Before, in High school I kept a journal, but usually they become drawings instead of scribbles. I draw my frustrations, my happiness and my feelings in those extra catleya note fillers that we usually use as quiz notebooks… I stopped in college, because I had too much secrets that I wouldn’t want anyone to read about, especially my parents. 😉 Then when I had a kid, I continued to write, venting out my frustrations on backstabbing friends and rocky relationships with my inlaws… until I found blogging. Now, my blog has lots of drafts that I don’t think will ever really get published because they’re way too personal to be read by the world wide web hahaha!

    But yes, I too miss my pink ballpen’s stroke upon my catleya fillers once in a while 🙂

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    • mommykach says:

      Do they still use Catleya fillers now? Haha. I can totally relate. My journals are essentially my outlet where I just let go of any reservations I have. And it’s not more than once that my snoopy sisters read through them! Haha.


  6. Pia Dysangco Villamor says:

    The last time I kept a legit journal was in fourth grade! I found it recently and had a good laugh on how emo I was even at 10! Hahaha. Now, I keep detailed planners. I love the Moleskine ones because they have blank pages for notes etc. I use it for just about anything, from detailed schedules, to meeting notes to just random ideas, thoughts etc. You’re right, nothing beats writing down things on paper. 🙂 It’s nice to look back at the old ones and seeing how much I’ve changed over the years. 🙂


    • mommykach says:

      I agree! Reading though mine, I realized I am was an angry teenager and I can’t even remember why. Hahaha. My dream journal is anything from Kate Spade New York though I doubt if I’ll be able to use it, nakakahinayang ang ganda e. Haha.


  7. Mommy Queenelizabeth says:

    I love journals.. Writing my chronicles in a page, flipping them one at a time while going back through what happened days, weeks, months or the past decades. I keep collecting them and keeping them, re-reading when i have spare time. Nothing beats the smell of old journals and traditional input and flipping if the pages never goes out of style.. It still is the best! 🤗

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  8. yogoandcream says:

    Well, nothing beats a pen and a paper. Even though there is no electricity, you can still write for days. I’m not really fond of writing in journals, but I’m happy for you that you rekindled your joy in it. -Me-An

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  9. ninasogue says:

    I tried keeping a diary before but my family kept on reading it 😦 I tried learning writing in code but it gave me a hard time so I stopped. Blogging is the next thing that I have. I couldn’t be as open as I would if I had a diary, but at least it helps me document my experiences 🙂


  10. Kaity says:

    Nice post!(: How I missed writing on my own journal… Sometimes lang I feel like it’s a burden/requirement to write everyday. But I when I read your post, I kinda miss the feeling of being able to express myself freely.


  11. Nini Perez says:

    I have a love for journals and I mean the journal itself, or papers. 🙂 I carry a notebook or a planner (together with the diapers and bibs) every time I go out because I need to write down thoughts when something pops out and probably doodle a bit. It’s always helpful.


  12. eunisdg says:

    I’m into diary too until now. Medyo makakalimutin na kasi ako due to overloading stress from work and the fact na parang stress reliever ko na din sya 🙂 and I must say. That’s a good way of reminiscing childhood memories

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  13. Leo Kevin Mendiola says:

    Keeping a journal sounds old school but it has a therapheutic effect on some people. Writing your thoughts on it makes you, 1. Disconnected with the internet and connecting more with yourself. , 2. Geyying intimte with words and your thoughts.

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  14. Maan Laxa says:

    Yaaas! Glad to see you’re a journal girl, too! I’ve had journals all through my life — from my diaries as a young girl to my blog as a mum and planners for work. Everything just needs to be written down!

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  15. Anna Trogo says:

    I still keep a journal, but it’s mostly brief snippets about my day now. I used to write all my feelings and pour my emotions into words. Now I’ve learned to write positive things so that when I look back at it, I see more of the good than the bad.

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  16. Nostalgic Momma says:

    I used to write on a journal too! And I have kept most of my diaries way back when I am also an angry teenager and full of angst. Oh those days… I also miss writing using a pen and paper. I still do but only when I am writing on my planner. Maybe I should consider keeping a journal once again.

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  17. jaimie felix says:

    Like you, I used to have a journal too. But as I grow old, the amount of things in my bag grow bigger too, thus the neglect of the journal being brought everyday… awww, wish I could keep up and carry it with me every day too.. sometimes ang hassle cause nakakadagdag quasi sa bigat ng bag ko…


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