Vita Cubes 2Good Fun day @ Active Fun BGC




What’s the best way to spend the weekend than be with fellow mommy bloggers and enjoy candy treats that are not only delicious, but also packed with vitamins and nutrients?

We did just that last October 23 with Vita Cubes’ #VitaCubes2Good Fun Day at Active Fun in BGC.


What is Vita Cubes?

The first time we had Vita Cubes was during last year’s Halloween party (also in Active Fun BGC) and my eldest, Cesca, immediately liked it.


Vita Cubes goodies!

Vita Cubes are cube-shaped jelly candies that comes in 5 different fruit flavors – strawberry,  grape, orange and mango and my daughter’s favorite, apple.

Aside from being delicious, it’s also fortified with essentials vitamins and minerals, such as lysine, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C, and E, which are important for growing children.

I guess the best way to describe it is that it’s a ‘healthy candy’. I wouldn’t mind Cesca and Seven snacking on these (but sympre in moderation pa din🙂 ).

Another good thing about it? Very affordable for its price of 12Php for a 50g pack. Perfect for lootbag stockings or for Halloween treat or trick giveaways.


Seven hamming it up for the camera

Our fun filled afternoon started with some ice breakers and games, not only for the kiddos but for the ever-competitive mommies as well.🙂 They were also given cakes they decorated themselves with frosting, sprinkles and of course, Vita Cubes. There was also a magic show that was a hit to both kids and adults.



The organizers also invited one of my blogging idols, Frances Sales of topazhorizon who talked about how she enjoys motherhood and blogging and how her kids love Vita Cubes. I finally managed to have a pic taken with her!

I rarely go to blogging events due to schedule conflicts. But I was glad that I managed to attend the Vita Cubes’  #VitaCubes2Good Fun Day event organized by Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I was able to meet some wonderful mommy bloggers whom most I have only interacted online. It was refreshing to be able to make kwento with them in person!

My daughter, Seven, also had a great time mingling with the other kids plus running her hearts out at Active Fun’s play area (we were given an hour’s play pass).

We went home that night not only with a bagful of Vita Cubes goodies (thank you very generous sponsors!) but also with fun memories of new found mommy friends.

We moms need to find our tribe and I’m glad to say that I think I finally found mine.


Thank you once more Vita Cubes and Mommy Bloggers Philippines!


Admit it, you’re a Tita now

So there I was, in yet another company party, in one of BGC’s swankiest clubs nursing a glass of….iced tea. Drinking iced tea. In a club. In BGC.

Like being poured with cold water, realizations slowly crept in. Yup, it can now be said, I’m officially a TITA.

I really shouldn’t be surprised though, I mean there were signs: Continue reading

Dear 15 Year Old Me


July 26, 2016

Hello to the 15 year old me, from your 31 year old self.

I just saw a rather unflattering photo of you earlier, while mindlessly browsing through Facebook on this gloomy July afternoon. The mouse’s pointer hovering over the un-tag button. You, I mean, I, just had a hell of a week, month even and in no mood to be bombarded with comments today.

I closed the window on your grinning face and went back to typing my report on how many people bothered customer services this quarter. By hour 2 of me futilely searching for yet another word to say ‘increased’, I looked for your face again.

I can still remember you. Continue reading

5 Breastfeeding Tips for Full Time Working Moms



(This post has been sitting, gathering dust in my draft folder for a month now. I meant to post this last August just in time for Breastfeeding Awareness Month but life happened and I only got to finish it now.)

In a week, my son is turning 1.

YES! Pat on the back for me and hubby to have survived a year of nursing and diaper changing without any nanny.😀

It’s also a huge milestone for me as this also meant that I have been exclusively breastfeeding Raven for almost 12 whole months now! This is the longest that I’ve been able to breastfeed any of my kids, a legit achievement for me.

[Breastfeeding Diaries: Week 1 & 2]

Our breastfeeding journey got off a rocky start with Raven not latching correctly but once we got over that, it was surprisingly smooth sailing and easy. Having read other mommy’s breastfeeding stories at Breastfeeding Pinays (on FB), I realized that I am extremely lucky.

That is why I wanted to share some breastfeeding tips that I learned along the way, particularly for full time working mothers like myself. Continue reading

Mommy Review: Tiny Buds Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash

If there is one thing that I cannot compromise, it’s my kid’s safety.

I’m really meticulous with the products that I use for them. Before trying out anything new, I would look for reviews online and then go through the labels to make sure that it is kid-friendly and safe.

Of course, we wouldn’t want any toxic chemicals harming them, right?

You can say that I already have a proven and tested arsenal of baby products that I’m loyal to. These are the ones that  I used for my 2 older kids. But I’m also always in the lookout for new products to try out, particularly those that are natural and organic.

Last month, Lazada sent this cute package containing Tiny Buds products for me to try.


I’m quite familiar with Tiny Buds but this is actually the first time that I’ll be using them. The package contained the following:

  • Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash
  • Tiny Buds Tiny Chewbrush
  • Tinybuds Tiny Fangs
  • feeding bottle brush
  • giraffe stuff toy (that Seven claimed as hers haha!)


I immediately gave the Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash a try. As much as possible, I see to it that I’m the one who washes the baby’s bottles. And I can say that Tiny Buds’ bestseller passed my standards🙂

You know how some dish washing detergent leaves behind lemon-y smells? I honestly don’t like it. Instead of coming off as ‘natural’, it just seemed more ‘chemical-y’ to me. What I liked about Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash is that it leaves no foul odors and residue. It just smelled clean!

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s guaranteed Paraben-free, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) free, biodegradable and is earth friendly.

If you are a first time or ‘seasoned’ mom like me who is looking for an effective, all natural product to clean your baby’s bottles or kid’s utensils with, I highly recommend this.

Have any new baby product discoveries? Do share!