5 Breastfeeding Tips for Full Time Working Moms



(This post has been sitting, gathering dust in my draft folder for a month now. I meant to post this last August just in time for Breastfeeding Awareness Month but life happened and I only got to finish it now.)

In a week, my son is turning 1.

YES! Pat on the back for me and hubby to have survived a year of nursing and diaper changing without any nanny.😀

It’s also a huge milestone for me as this also meant that I have been exclusively breastfeeding Raven for almost 12 whole months now! This is the longest that I’ve been able to breastfeed any of my kids, a legit achievement for me.

[Breastfeeding Diaries: Week 1 & 2]

Our breastfeeding journey got off a rocky start with Raven not latching correctly but once we got over that, it was surprisingly smooth sailing and easy. Having read other mommy’s breastfeeding stories at Breastfeeding Pinays (on FB), I realized that I am extremely lucky.

That is why I wanted to share some breastfeeding tips that I learned along the way, particularly for full time working mothers like myself.


As with anything, it’s best to be informed of what you can expect once you commit to continue breastfeeding while at work.

I cannot stress enough how helpful the FB group, Breastfeeding Pinays, is in educating me with what I needed to know and to have once I return back to work.

  • It’s best to check your office’s policy in breastfeeding. Though it is in the law and is mandated that lactating mothers be granted additional breaks to express milk, not all workplaces observe this. Not all have access to a designated breastfeeding room as well. So it is best to get in touch with your HR and discuss your intention to continue breastfeeding with them so they can provide you options.

I am again extremely fortunate that I no longer work in CS so I kind of have a more flexible schedule which allowed me to express milk on time. We also have our own breastfeeding room so I’m able to do it in private.

  • You’ll need to have an insulated bag with ice packs, bottles or milk bags to store your milk and breast pads. You can also consider your wardrobe at work so you can pump comfortably/conveniently (if you don’t have a uniform).
  • You’ll also need to learn the guidelines in properly storing your expressed milk. Rule of thumb, always label your bottle of expressed milk with the date and time before storing and SANITIZE!

It’s advisable to do some research on what breast pump will be best suited for your needs. You have the option for a manual or electric one depending on your budget, allotted expression time and preference.

If you have extra funds, it’s highly recommended to buy a double electric pump since it will save you time because it can pump both breast at the same time. However, a manual pump will do the job too. It’s really what’s more convenient or suited for you.


I initially bought a manual pump but I found that hand expression works best for me.

For me though, since I managed to learn how to hand express while I was on maternity leave and actually got the hang of it, I no longer purchased one. Saved me a couple of thousand pesos J


When I asked friends about their schedule, most followed a 3 hour rule. Breastfeeding works on a supply and demand basis, so consistent pumping can help you maintain your supply.

On my first couple of weeks back, I followed this religiously but after a while I can no longer keep up especially when the workload for the day is OA.


To ensure that you’ll still have steady milk supply, breastfeed on demand whenever you’re not at work. When you’re at home and if possible, stay close to your baby.

What I do is I nurse Raven as soon as I get home and as much as I can at night or during my days off.


Strike anywhere! When I need to go out or have errands, if possible, I bring Raven with me so he can still breastfeed.

I also continue hand expressing even when I’m on off since I no longer have a milk stash at home. What I express during my off will what he’ll have once I go back to work.


You are making a commitment but you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Just remember to keep yourself hydrated and relaxed, physically and mentally.

If you noticed that your milk output is dipping, don’t put yourself down. Just continue eating healthily and keep on pumping/nursing. You may also try adding more galactagogues to your diet like malunggay.

You may also want to try my very easy No Bake Lactation Oatmeal Bars and Easy No-Bake Lactation Balls!

It also helps heaps to have a support system. It may be a Facebook group, your co-worker, your mom or even your husband.

There may be some days when you rather have an extended lunch and make kwento with your colleagues or you’ll only have very little milk to being home. I’ve had my fair share of those and not once did I skipped a pumping session just so I can have a nap. And that’s okay.

Just remember that patience and perseverance are the key to make breastfeeding while working full time work. Happy Breastfeeding, wonder moms!

Do you have any other tips you’d like to add? Do share!

Mommy Review: Tiny Buds Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash

If there is one thing that I cannot compromise, it’s my kid’s safety.

I’m really meticulous with the products that I use for them. Before trying out anything new, I would look for reviews online and then go through the labels to make sure that it is kid-friendly and safe.

Of course, we wouldn’t want any toxic chemicals harming them, right?

You can say that I already have a proven and tested arsenal of baby products that I’m loyal to. These are the ones that  I used for my 2 older kids. But I’m also always in the lookout for new products to try out, particularly those that are natural and organic.

Last month, Lazada sent this cute package containing Tiny Buds products for me to try.


I’m quite familiar with Tiny Buds but this is actually the first time that I’ll be using them. The package contained the following:

  • Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash
  • Tiny Buds Tiny Chewbrush
  • Tinybuds Tiny Fangs
  • feeding bottle brush
  • giraffe stuff toy (that Seven claimed as hers haha!)


I immediately gave the Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash a try. As much as possible, I see to it that I’m the one who washes the baby’s bottles. And I can say that Tiny Buds’ bestseller passed my standards🙂

You know how some dish washing detergent leaves behind lemon-y smells? I honestly don’t like it. Instead of coming off as ‘natural’, it just seemed more ‘chemical-y’ to me. What I liked about Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash is that it leaves no foul odors and residue. It just smelled clean!

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s guaranteed Paraben-free, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) free, biodegradable and is earth friendly.

If you are a first time or ‘seasoned’ mom like me who is looking for an effective, all natural product to clean your baby’s bottles or kid’s utensils with, I highly recommend this.

Have any new baby product discoveries? Do share!



Mommy How to: Follow up your SSS ID Application

One of the requirements when filing for your SSS Maternity Notification is your UMID or  SSS biometrics ID card. It’s also considered as a valid ID here in the Philippines so having one is a major convenience.

I applied for one last year (July 2015) when I was 6 months pregnant at SM Aura (they have an express lane for pregnant members yey!). The whole application was a breeze, again partly because I had to skip the queue. I was given an acknowledgement stub as proof of application and was informed that the card will be sent to the address indicated in my card within 30 days maximum.

I remember waiting for it the first week but I totally forgot about it until last month when I needed another primary ID for some bank transactions!

See, it’s nearly a year already and I haven’t received it yet. I am not too fond going to government offices (am I alone on this? haha) so I tried several means to check on my application (visiting a SSS branch being the last option).

  • Call the SSS Hotline number at (632) 9206401/ 9206446

Sadly, I haven’t had luck getting hold of anybody through these numbers. It’s either             unattended or busy. I might have called them on a very busy day, perhaps? I called in           the afternoons as well so it’ll be worth a try to contact them early in the morning.

I got these email addresses in one of the threads from their official Facebook page. I emailed both on July 19th with the following details:

  •                 Full Name
  •                 SSS number
  •                 Birthday
  •                 Date of application

I got a reply on July 26th from idcpd@sss.gov.ph, informing me that was card was already picked up by Philpost for delivery to my address on August 25 2015 pa! They also asked me to coordinate with my local post office.


  • Drop by your local post office.

I also read in one of the FB threads that most IDs when undelivered are sent back to the post office. Since our local post office in Taguig is near our place, I went there one afternoon just to try my luck (this is prior to them replying to my email inquiry).

And it was there all along! Haha!

Apparently, they tried to deliver it to our place 3 times but it came back ‘unknown’. When I asked how it is ‘unknown’ they explained that they couldn’t find it daw. Which honestly is unbelievable since I get things sent to the same address all the time and couriers were able to find it.  Weird, I know.

So anyway, here it is!

As you can see from the letter, it was indeed sent August 11th so I guess something went amiss.

I’m just relieved that I finally have my UMID without me having to go through that much hassle. I hope that this helps you too in case you are still waiting for yours.


Mommy Review: Nutri10Plus for Kids

We had a dengue scare in our neighborhood last week.

A couple of kids in our area got sick and since we already had a history with dengue, we re-enforced the precautions we were taking to protect the kids. I was a couple of months pregnant with Raven when my middle child got dengue and it was honestly the most stressful thing.

Mahirap nang maulit.

So, my father in law cleaned his ‘bodega’ to ensure that there wont be any places for the mosquitoes to breed in, we stocked on  mosquito patches and repellent and ultimately made sure that the kid’s immune system is strong.

Ensuring that the kids are healthy is the hardest part.

For one, my eldest is a very picky eater. As in sobrang mapili with her food that I worry she’s not getting all the nutrients she needs especially now that she’s so busy with school.


Our little firecracker on a rare photo where she’s standing still! haha!

Not to mention that I also have a very active 3 year old who loves to sing and dance non-stop. She’s like a hurricane, I can hardly keep up!

Good thing we received supplies of Nutri10Plus from Wertz Philippines earlier this month.


My daughters been taking it for 3 weeks now and I can attest to it’s results this early.

Since it has Lysine, my eldest’s eating habits improved. She’s now more magana finishing her meal and baon.

I also like that it was Taurine, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and Zinc among another minerals that boosted the girl’s physical growth, brain development and immunity. Just last week, hubby and I got colds pero they were able to fight off the virus. Plus it gives our little active Seven much needed energy to run all over the place!

They also enjoyed it’s ponkan flavor, I didn’t had a hard time asking them to try it out the first time.

Of course, nothing still beats a well-balanced diet. But since our busy schedules make it hard for us to get healthy meals for the kids, multivitamins like Nutri10Plus gives moms like me the peace of mind that they are getting any missing nutrients their body needs to grow strong and healthy.

To learn more about Nutri10Plus, you may check their FB page.

Win a Wish from ShopBack!

Have you tried ShopBack yet? 

You can also read more on how ShopBack works from my previous post HERE.

Just a quick background, ShopBack is already present in 5 other countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Taiwan. And now, it’s the #1 online cashback site in the Philippines that lets you earn back a portion of your purchase on top of the many discounts available when buying  from an online retailer, allowing your to shop more without that nagging guilty feeling because you’re actually saving!

Speaking of that nagging guilty feeling, don’t you agree that once you have children, all your personal wants take a backseat? And you just feel bit guilty if you indulge in yourself?

When I go online, I found myself browsing through the beauty section (where all the lippies are!) and ultimately checking out with a thing or 2 for the kids. Seriously, it happens everytime haha!

I’m not complaining though, the joy in my  kid’s eyes is more valuable than getting my hands on that gorgeous red matte Mac lipstick. But if I’ll give in to my wishful thinking, I do have a couple (or more hehe) of things I’d like to buy for myself.

Good thing, ShopBack is a gift that just keeps on giving! 


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