Breastfeeding Diaries: Week 1 & 2

If I had any regrets with my 2 older kids, its that I wasn’t able to breastfeed them.

With my eldest, Cesca, I breastfed her for only a day. My milk supply was so low that unknowing to us, she has been drinking blood off my breast na pala. Imagine seeing your kid na maglungad with blood! With the pedia’s go signal we fed her formula milk and never looked back. Continue reading


And Baby Raven Makes 5!

It is with a heart full of love and joy that I wanted to introduce to you guys, mi unico hijo, Raven Bain Allan Balayan.


My baby boy

Born 7 lbs. via normal delivery, our future Gilas player (since this postpartum mom still can’t over the fight last night hehe), Team Balayan is now complete. ♡♡♡

5 New Mom Tips (That I Wish I Knew When I Had My Firstborn)

After 2 kids, people assume that I already have this pregnancy/motherhood thing in the can. In a way, I kinda do. I have more than enough experience with the boo-boos and the poo-poos than you’d care to listen to :).


And now that I’m weeks away from giving birth to Baby Number 3, I figured that I’ll share some first-hand new mom tips I’ve learned along the way. These are the things I wished I knew when before I had Cesca as well. Continue reading

3 Helpful Tips on How to Help Your Kids Deal with Rejection


As much as I wanted to be 100% hands on with the 2 kids, I have long accepted the fact that working full time would inadvertently mean, I cannot be there for them everyday. However, when my eldest, Cesca, started grade school this year, I made a concious decision to be as involved as I can with her school work. Continue reading

When We Found Out About Baby No. 3

It was not like hubby and I were proactively trying to have another baby. Raising 2 kids under 7 is already a handful. It’s the most wonderful experience but if truth be told, it’s also very challenging — physically. emotionally and financially.

So when I took the test and it was positive, we both had different reactions. Hubby  was ecstatic, already thinking of a name! I always felt that he’s secretly wishing to have a baby boy and now he has another shot at it, haha. Continue reading