Eat Rice Without the Guilt with Grayns


Start of the year, my husband got hospitalized due to on-set gouty arthritis. On top of that, since his mom was a Type 1 diabetic, we learned that his chances of becoming one is higher as well. He needed to be in a low carbs, low fat diet STAT.

We avoided soda as much as possible, increased our water intake and added more fruits and veggies to our meals. The only thing that’s hard to let go?

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Bento Baon Ideas: Uni-Pak Mackerel Bread Rolls + #MommyKach1stGiveaway [CLOSED]


If you’ve been following me on FB (@MommyKachBlog) or IG (@mommykach), I’d like to apologize for flooding your feeds with my kid’s #baonfortoday lately. Yes, medyo kinakareer ko sya 😀

I’ve been receiving positive feedback and messages from fellow moms asking what bento baon they can start making for their kids as well as where I get my bento tools.

I’m making a mental note to make a list of online shops where I order my tools from but for now, let me share with you the latest baon recipe I tried.

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Mommy Review: BeautyMNL: Mini Make-up & Skincare Haul

I was once asked to describe myself in one word.  And I answered: BUSY.

I try to juggle motherhood, wife duties, a full time workload and couple rakets on the side — on a daily basis. It’s a good kind of busy and most of the time, I’d feel I can do it all but sometimes I honestly don’t. That’s why I welcome anything that spells TIME-SAVING and CONVENIENT.



And that’s exactly what I discovered Beauty MNL to be.

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Mommy Review: Scents de Alegria

Our sense of smell is perhaps the most powerful of our five senses. A slight whiff of one’s perfume can instantly trigger feelings, emotions even fond or bittersweet memories. When you have a signature scent, people will immediately acquaint the smell with you, leaving with them a lasting impression.

And who wouldn’t want to be memorable, diba?


I was fortunate to have received a complete scent kit from Scents de Alegria and though it took a while (I know I seriously need to work on my back log 😦 ), I’m finally able to write a review of it now. Continue reading

Mommy How To: NBI Clearance Application/Renewal

how to apply for nbi clearance online

I dreaded the idea of applying for an NBI Clearance when I learned that I needed a copy late last year.

Lining up in Quiapo-Carriedo for almost half of the day and going home with ink stained fingers clutching a piece of paper with my by then mukha-nang-may-criminal-record mug would always be my NBI Clearance memory.

I quickly asked around, “NBI Application is now online, right?”

And as it turned out, it is!

Applicants would just need to register through Continue reading