Toni Gonzaga and Baby Seve #ChoosePampers for Less Lawlaw Go Galaw Mornings


There are some things you just can’t learn by reading a book. When it comes to having a baby, you won’t really know what to expect until you’re actually deep into the trenches of motherhood. Continue reading


Hey Mom! – Easy Online Shopping for your Kid’s Vitamin and Pediatric Needs


Things got a bit crazy over the holidays.

There were reunions and Christmas parties to organize and attend to, gifts to pack, end of year reports to submit, blog posts to schedule and publish, baking orders to do and deliver. I had to write things down on my journal, lest I forget, take a deep breath and soldier on. Surprisingly, parties got attended and enjoyed, gifts packed and appreciated, reports submitted, posts published and paid (hurray!) and orders baked and fulfilled. I don’t know how but yeah, somehow things got done!

But the holiday rush still got the best of me, I missed 2 weeks worth of grocery shopping. Worse, I forgot to stock on the kid’s vitamins for the month. You see, these I always need to have, having 2 school kids and a toddler. Especially now everyone is getting sick with this viral infection going around.

Having discovered Hey Mom couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Continue reading

Mommy Finds: Athena – Milk for Women

My 3 words for 2018: Health is Wealth.

I’ve been very busy in 2017, juggling many hats that I often took my health for granted. Missing sleep, skipping meals just to meet deadlines and baking orders. Yes, I was able earn money but I noticed that I was also out sick a couple of times last year.

Hello, I’m not getting any younger. My body now ache just by doing usual chores in the house, haha signs of aging! But kidding aside, for 2018 I vow to make my (and my family’s) health topmost priority. Continue reading

Mommy Finds: Crave Healthy — Snacks for Moms-to-be

When I was pregnant with my youngest, Raven, I had the worst eating habit. Since it’s my 3rd time being pregnant, I was a bit complacent with what I can and cannot eat.

I mean I was still eating my daily veggies and fruits and drinking my milk and vitamins, but I also couldn’t give up my chocolates and junk foods. Believe me, I tried but it was so hard to resist! So I had my chocolates chip cookies, pistachio ice cream and chips. Not necessarily the healthiest diet, but me and baby in the tummy were both happy. I was pregnant, hello!

You see, pregnancy craving is not a myth. It is real and when you crave for something, you gotta have it, no matter what.  Continue reading

Mommy Finds: High Quality Wigs from Black Hairspray

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine.

I’ve always been fascinated with how beauty bloggers on Instagram change their look effortlessly. They can go from straight jet black hair today to platinum blond the next. I was actually concerned on the health of their hair thinking that it’s been through various treatments and coloring.

But then I realized they’re using wigs! Continue reading