Mommy How To: Motherbee’s Cheesy Puto


I grew up with a mother who is a great cook. 

Mama’s specialties are pork asado, ginataang alimango and biko. We look forward to every birthday, Christmas , New Year’s or just about any gathering so we could all bug her to make them. It’s me and my siblings go-to comfort food, our default feel good food.

It reminds us of our carefree childhood, of our home. It’s our reassuring thought that no matter how hectic or crazy our own lives maybe now, we can always go back home to Mama with her delicious cooking and we’re those noisy kids at our dining table once more.

That’s the thought I wanted my kids to have when they grow up too, now that I’m a mother myself. I wanted them to know and enjoy the comfort of home cooking brings. So even if I’m hopeless in the kitchen, I stepped out of my comfort zone (which is mostly just eating haha!) and tried cooking for my family.


One of the recipes that I tried and has potential to be my ‘specialty’ is Cheesy Puto by Motherbee herself, Ms. Analiza Laurel Badilles. I got this from one of the Facebook cooking and baking groups that I’m a member of: Newbee Baking & Cooking Int’l.

My eldest, Keka, asked me to make puto for her one day and knowing how much of a picky eater she is, I immediately grabbed the chance to try it. The recipe was pretty straight-forward, even kitchen noobs like me can easily follow. Plus the ingredients are all readily available in my pantry.

And since sharing is caring (and with Motherbee’s blessing), here’s the Cheesy Puto recipe that I hope you can all try to make yourself.



  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup coco or white sugar
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla


  • Mix all ingredients until smooth.
  • Pass mixture through sieve to make sure there’s no lumps of flour left.
  • Pour batter into molds and steam for 10 minutes.

On rainy days like today, my kids would ask me to make them puto to pair with any hot soup. I’d make the cheesy batch for Keka and Raven, then with lots of salted eggs on top for Seven.

Raketera mommies can sell this for added income as well since it’s very easy to make with very minimal capital. Especially with the Christmas season just around the corner and puto being a staple for Pinoy parties, you already have a market to cater to, right?

Do you have other recipes for kitchen newbies like me? Just comment them below, I’d love to try them out!

Happy Cooking!


12 thoughts on “Mommy How To: Motherbee’s Cheesy Puto

  1. Edel San says:

    I love reading the recipes by Motherbee although I haven’t tried anything yet. I am a frustrated bread baker but I don’t have the patience when it comes to yeast. Hopefully I will get to try her recipes soon. 🙂


  2. Janice says:

    Wow I had no idea it’s very easy to make puto. We actually have a 3-level steamer just sitting in our kitchen. We can make lot of puto with that! Thanks for this recipe. 🙂


  3. gilian says:

    Just screencaptured this. Haha I’ve been thinking of making cheesy puto. Your recipe is easy. I’ll use this one. 🤣 I agree that mom’s home cooking could bring back memories when kids get old. I make chocolate chip cookies or bake cupcakes once a week for my kids to dive into when they come home from school. 🙂


  4. momi berlin says:

    Wow. Ginataang alimango and biko. How I wish I grew up eating those anytime i want because my mom knows how to prepare them.
    Anyway, took note of the cheesy puto. I made one before and it was a total failure. It’s because I didn’t steam it but baked it using an oven. Ehehe. .


  5. Nish DyosaTheMomma says:

    Seems easy! But for moms like me who aren’t really into creating food but just indulging on them, making this recipe will be such an accomplishment! Thanks for posting about this, I’ll ask my mom to do it for our meryenda! ❤


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