5 Breastfeeding Tips for Full Time Working Moms



(This post has been sitting, gathering dust in my draft folder for a month now. I meant to post this last August just in time for Breastfeeding Awareness Month but life happened and I only got to finish it now.)

In a week, my son is turning 1.

YES! Pat on the back for me and hubby to have survived a year of nursing and diaper changing without any nanny. 😀

It’s also a huge milestone for me as this also meant that I have been exclusively breastfeeding Raven for almost 12 whole months now! This is the longest that I’ve been able to breastfeed any of my kids, a legit achievement for me.

[Breastfeeding Diaries: Week 1 & 2]

Our breastfeeding journey got off a rocky start with Raven not latching correctly but once we got over that, it was surprisingly smooth sailing and easy. Having read other mommy’s breastfeeding stories at Breastfeeding Pinays (on FB), I realized that I am extremely lucky.

That is why I wanted to share some breastfeeding tips that I learned along the way, particularly for full time working mothers like myself.


As with anything, it’s best to be informed of what you can expect once you commit to continue breastfeeding while at work.

I cannot stress enough how helpful the FB group, Breastfeeding Pinays, is in educating me with what I needed to know and to have once I return back to work.

  • It’s best to check your office’s policy in breastfeeding. Though it is in the law and is mandated that lactating mothers be granted additional breaks to express milk, not all workplaces observe this. Not all have access to a designated breastfeeding room as well. So it is best to get in touch with your HR and discuss your intention to continue breastfeeding with them so they can provide you options.

I am again extremely fortunate that I no longer work in CS so I kind of have a more flexible schedule which allowed me to express milk on time. We also have our own breastfeeding room so I’m able to do it in private.

  • You’ll need to have an insulated bag with ice packs, bottles or milk bags to store your milk and breast pads. You can also consider your wardrobe at work so you can pump comfortably/conveniently (if you don’t have a uniform).
  • You’ll also need to learn the guidelines in properly storing your expressed milk. Rule of thumb, always label your bottle of expressed milk with the date and time before storing and SANITIZE!

It’s advisable to do some research on what breast pump will be best suited for your needs. You have the option for a manual or electric one depending on your budget, allotted expression time and preference.

If you have extra funds, it’s highly recommended to buy a double electric pump since it will save you time because it can pump both breast at the same time. However, a manual pump will do the job too. It’s really what’s more convenient or suited for you.


I initially bought a manual pump but I found that hand expression works best for me.

For me though, since I managed to learn how to hand express while I was on maternity leave and actually got the hang of it, I no longer purchased one. Saved me a couple of thousand pesos J


When I asked friends about their schedule, most followed a 3 hour rule. Breastfeeding works on a supply and demand basis, so consistent pumping can help you maintain your supply.

On my first couple of weeks back, I followed this religiously but after a while I can no longer keep up especially when the workload for the day is OA.


To ensure that you’ll still have steady milk supply, breastfeed on demand whenever you’re not at work. When you’re at home and if possible, stay close to your baby.

What I do is I nurse Raven as soon as I get home and as much as I can at night or during my days off.


Strike anywhere! When I need to go out or have errands, if possible, I bring Raven with me so he can still breastfeed.

I also continue hand expressing even when I’m on off since I no longer have a milk stash at home. What I express during my off will what he’ll have once I go back to work.


You are making a commitment but you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Just remember to keep yourself hydrated and relaxed, physically and mentally.

If you noticed that your milk output is dipping, don’t put yourself down. Just continue eating healthily and keep on pumping/nursing. You may also try adding more galactagogues to your diet like malunggay.

You may also want to try my very easy No Bake Lactation Oatmeal Bars and Easy No-Bake Lactation Balls!

It also helps heaps to have a support system. It may be a Facebook group, your co-worker, your mom or even your husband.

There may be some days when you rather have an extended lunch and make kwento with your colleagues or you’ll only have very little milk to bring home. I’ve had my fair share of those and not once did I skipped a pumping session just so I can have a nap. And that’s okay.

Just remember that patience and perseverance are the key to make breastfeeding while working full time work. Happy Breastfeeding, wonder moms!

Do you have any other tips you’d like to add? Do share!

41 thoughts on “5 Breastfeeding Tips for Full Time Working Moms

  1. Bea De Guzman says:

    I don’t have a kid and not yet planning to have one soon but I enjoyed reading this. I’ve always been curious on how to’s of breastfeeding. Atleast kahit papano, may knowledge na ako. haha! I think we moms should breastfeed until she can, it’s a wonderful shared moment with your baby. ❤


  2. ROBERT LEE says:

    I have couple of thoughts. First, the workplace. Not all employers are even aware that they should give more breaks and provide a suitable place for moms. Second, taking care of yourself. I have talked to so many moms, who during pregnancy was taking supplementation. They stop after giving birth. Here’s the thing. After giving birth, the need for supplementation is more important as the overall and long term health of the mom is influenced by the recovery period. It is during the time of recovery too that an enormous amount of stress is experience, physically and psychologically, and emotionally too.


  3. momi berlin says:

    I appreciate moms sharing their personal experience on breastfeeding. And the noble intention to help other moms on how to breastfeed and its importance. I am still breastfeeding my son. He turned one last August. Wee, magkabirthday month sila or halos. Ehehehe. How I wish I know how to hand express as well. It seems conveneint. But then, I enjoy our unli latch naman. Heres to hoping that you produce more milk for your baby 🙂


  4. sofarsosabine says:

    What helped me was drinking special breastfeeding tea. No joke, it really helps producing more milk. Next to it, I took some medicine too, to start the breast feeding a bit more. I didnt have my daughter with me as she was on the intensive care. So I could use all the help. Great post, such an important topic.


  5. Neri Ann says:

    I am grateful that I was able to breastfed my twins. But my other twin self weaned when he turned 5 months old then the other one continues until 2 yrs old and 7 months. I didn’t have any other tip aside from having soup always on your meal and eat malunggay. I pumped at work too when my maternity leave was done. I only used the manual one.


  6. Johna says:

    These are so great tips! I have a few friends who are breastfeeding while working full time so I’ll definitely share this post with them. I think the most important tips is definitely the last one hehe. Always always take care of yourself 😀


  7. thelittlelai: Beyond limits says:

    I may don’t totally relate to this topic, but I loved reading it. A preparation for me soon as I’m dying to have my own family at least I have a small knowledge about feeding a baby, especially if I marry a girl who’ll be going to be a full time working mom. I genuinely like the last tip you have provided, a mother should always take care of herself, since she’ll be going to be a great source of nutrients for her child.


  8. Teresa Dumadag says:

    It’s really important to be informed or educated about breastfeeding. Knowledge empowers us. That’s one of the reasons I wrote my book BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth Taking. I wanted to make other moms aware that it’s still possible to breastfeed even while working at home or in an office. I’m happy for you and your baby! Congratulations!


  9. mamaspeaksagain says:

    Beeastfeeding while working (full time) is an arduous task. I personally tried doing this… which left me disappointed until I finally had to stop permanently. Just imagine milking inbetween meetings or being stuck in a 2-3hours traffic.


  10. Teresa Martinez says:

    I myself can attest to advantage of breastfeeding my children. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Lucky for me though, I wasn’t working those times because it can be very challenging though not impossible for working moms.


  11. Mommy Queenelizabeth says:

    Great tips you got there Mommy. Im done with all the breastfeeding thing.. my kids were all grown up but we are still planning to add one. Weve been trying for over 2years now and i hope we can have a new baby soon before i turn 35! 🙂 will definitely breastfeed!


  12. Nilyn EC Matugas says:

    Happy birthday to your little one and congratulations on breastfeeding him still! These tips will be very helpful for all breastfeeding working moms like you. Cheers to breastfeeding! Still breastfeeding a 2 yr and 5 months old baby boy here. 😀


  13. thecherylf says:

    I weaned my son 2 months ago. Breastfeeding was one of the best things I did as a mother. It felt great actually knowing how healthy my son is now. These are very helpful for mother who are still breastfeeding both working and non working.


  14. den says:

    Bunny and I are on our 22nd breastfeeding month. The biggest thing that helped me through our journey is the discipline of pumping and not giving up when my supply goes down (especially during red days). The pump for me though, I didn’t spend that much on it. Personally, I used a P700 one which I still have. It really is with the discipline of keeping up with the pumping schedule and the unli-latch when I get home. Keep up the great work!


  15. Chessy says:

    Congratulations on breastfeeding your son! That’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I can see how my son doesn’t get sick easily. I’m on my 20th month of breastfeeding my second kid and it’s one of our bonding sessions. I’m really amazed at working moms who get to fully breastfeed their children! Galing! Keep it up!


  16. jendialouise says:

    Thank you for the tips mommy! Glad to know that you’re an ebf mom! I am not a working mom but this would definitely help me most especially when I need to leave the house. I would also love to share your article to my mommy friends.


  17. Michelle D.A. says:

    Good job, Mommy! Breastfeeding you LO is really a tough job but if you really put your heart into it, you’ll get by and succeed. When I was still working in the corporate office, I use a spectra electric pump and it’s expensive talaga. I wish I learned how to hand-express effectively before going back to work para hindi ko na kinailangan gumastos ng malaki sa pump. Hehe


  18. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy says:

    Congratulations! Wow, you hand express the milk? I’ve tried that before but found it too messy and I feel that I’m not catching the milk properly so sayang. Pero galing a! 🙂 My pump broke the last time I used it so I’ll be looking to have it repaired soon.


  19. Maan Laxa says:

    You’re doing great mommy! I also worked full-time when I was still breastfeeding my son but I worked from home so I didn’t have to express milk. Salute to breastfeeding office mums!


  20. rollcoastermom says:

    I’m trying to breastfeed my one-month-old son exclusively right now. I wasn’t able to do so with my three other kids so this post is really so timely for me although I don’t work in a regular office. I do work from home though so these tips are still helpful. 🙂


  21. Nini Perez says:

    Congratulations! 🙂 Breastfeeding is a milestone for the entire family. I’m a breastfeeding peer counselor of bfp arugaan and i just wanna give you a really tight hug for learning to hand express too. 🙂 i’m a wahm, but home visits to counselees always required me to leave some milk for the hours i’m away and i roll like that – hand expression! Haha! Great job, mummy! I hope you can train with us one day.


  22. Monica says:

    As a new mom two years ago, I struggled with breastfeeding and felt so terrible that I couldn’t produce as much milk as the other mommies I see in social media. I took it one month at a time – I mixed fed – but lo and behold, we went beyond two years with our breastfeeding journey!


  23. Jen says:

    This is very helpful, especially for the first time Moms out there. To be honest, I tried to continue breastfeeding my son until I got back to work. The thing is, at the office we don’t have a proper fridge/freezer to place my extracted milk, way back then. But I know it shouldn’t be an excuse at all and I regret not continuing it. But given another chance, to my next son or daughter maybe, I will definitely going to exclusively breastfeed him/her.


  24. momi berlin says:

    So cliche yet so true. Breastfeeding is best feeding. My son and I are now on our 14 th month and everyday, we are thankful for the milk and bonding. Here is to hoping we produce more milk.


  25. coffee and beyond says:

    Good job to you Mommy. Breastfeeding while working is indeed an extra but noble thing to do. I didn’t have the opportunity to breastfeed that long because of a cyst just under the nippie. It caused great pain so I needed to stop. I admire Moms who are able to bfeed for a long time.


  26. Mayu says:

    Very useful tips, Mommy! Breastfeeding really helps babies get away from common diseases – mas malalakas daw mga baby na nabreastfeed compared to formula fed ones.


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