Mommy How to: Follow up your SSS ID Application

One of the requirements when filing for your SSS Maternity Notification is your UMID or  SSS biometrics ID card. It’s also considered as a valid ID here in the Philippines so having one is a major convenience.

I applied for one last year (July 2015) when I was 6 months pregnant at SM Aura (they have an express lane for pregnant members yey!). The whole application was a breeze, again partly because I had to skip the queue. I was given an acknowledgement stub as proof of application and was informed that the card will be sent to the address indicated in my card within 30 days maximum.

I remember waiting for it the first week but I totally forgot about it until last month when I needed another primary ID for some bank transactions!

See, it’s nearly a year already and I haven’t received it yet. I am not too fond going to government offices (am I alone on this? haha) so I tried several means to follow up on my SSS ID application (visiting a SSS branch being the last option)

1. Call the SSS Hotline number at (632) 9206401/ 9206446

You can follow up on your SSS ID by calling the numbers above. Sadly, I haven’t had the luck getting hold of anybody through them. It’s either unattended or busy. I might have called them on a very busy day, perhaps? I called in the afternoons as well so it’ll be worth a try to contact them early in the morning.

2. Email them at or

I got these email addresses in one of the threads from their official Facebook page. I emailed both on July 19th with the following details:

  •                 Full Name
  •                 SSS number
  •                 Birthday
  •                 Date of application

I got a reply on July 26th from, informing me that was card was already picked up by Philpost for delivery to my address on August 25 2015 pa! They also asked me to coordinate with my local post office.

follow up sss id

3. Drop by your local post office.

I also read in one of the FB threads that most IDs when undelivered are sent back to the post office. Since our local post office in Taguig is near our place, I went there one afternoon just to try my luck (this is prior to them replying to my email inquiry) and follow up on my SSS ID.

And it was there all along! Haha!

Apparently, they tried to deliver it to our place 3 times but it came back ‘unknown’. When I asked how it is ‘unknown’ they explained that they couldn’t find it daw. Which honestly is unbelievable since I get things sent to the same address all the time and couriers were able to find it.  Weird, I know.

So anyway, here it is!

As you can see from the letter, it was indeed sent August 11th so I guess something went amiss.

I’m just relieved that I finally have my UMID without me having to go through that much hassle. I hope that this helps you too in case you are still waiting for yours.


99 thoughts on “Mommy How to: Follow up your SSS ID Application

  1. Me-An Clemente says:

    I’ve applied SSS online, but I still haven’t received my SSS ID yet. I wonder what the process is for me. The problem that I think I’ll encounter here is that after I’ve resigned, I stopped contributing to the SSS. I’ll try to get mine since it’s a handy valid ID too.


  2. More Like Twins (@moreliketwins) says:

    I have applied for SSS and I have my SSS number but I haven’t gotten my ID yet; you also mentioned that you UMID? That’s the unified one, right? If you don’t mind me asking, may I know how you applied for a UMID? And should I apply for a UMID before getting my SSS id? I currently have different numbers for SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth.


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