Life Lately: The One Where I Came Back

Oh, wow.

I just received notification that it has been 2 months since I last posted anything here. It has been that long?!?

Believe me, I never really meant to neglect my blog — it was just that life happened and I have been extremely busy in the last quarter of 2015. Anyways, I have been micro-blogging through Instagram (if you are still not following me, please do @mommykach 😁) but I really missed putting my thoughts into actual string of words.

So how busy was I, you ask? Let’s see…

  • It has already been more than a month since I returned to work. As I posted in IG, I had 3.6k unread emails and up until now I still haven’t managed to go through all of them. It is also the start of our 1st quarter objectives, so I reckon things will get a whole lot more busier for me.

Email situation

  • I am still exclusively breastfeeding Raven. This has been the longest that I was able to breastfeed any of my kids and has got to be a major accomplishment! I have now taken pumping in the office at least 3 times per shift just so I have enough milk for him to consume the following day. I appreciate now that I am very fortunate to have a somewhat flexible schedule that allowed me to pump regularly. I am also still hand expressing as I find it more convenient (no bulky pump to carry to and from work) and more efficient in draining the milk out.

First installment of my Breastfeeding Diary HERE.


Hand expressed at work for 3 minutes. Yey!

  • Attended the Bloggys. Have a pending post on this. I obviously need to start working on them!

Who’s photobombing who?

  • Had 4 birthday celebrations in the family. But since we really cant go out yet because of the baby, weve been doing it at home. Nothing really fancy and just mostly take outs hehe. No time and energy to make things from scratch.
  • Went Divisoria shopping for the kid’s and pamangkin’s Christmas gifts. There is a PNR station near our place and we usually take the train to go to Divi. It is super convenient since one ride lang pero our railroad system seriously needs a MAJOR overhaul. Riding the train is not for the weak of heart.
  • Chaperoned Ate Keka on her educational trip. They went to Quezon Memorial Museum, Art in Island and Amazing Show in CCP. Still have a pending post about this with lots of pictures :P.



  • Tried my luck with online contests and have won twice na! Again, I’m due a post on the amazing prizes I’ve won.

OBI Tie-side and Footie Pajama Set from First Time Moms PH

  • Started babywearing Raven. I purchased by first Saya and am getting the hang of it. So far, I wore Raven to the mall and when he had his vaccine. It is more than just convenience, I felt really bonded with Raven the whole time plus it promotes breastfeeding pa since you’re with your baby. Will be posting a more thorough review of this soon!

Baby-wearing using Saya Baby Carrier SSK – Inca Coordinate. I need a better photo to show just awesome this is, though.

  • Joined our company’s Give A Wish outreach program at Asociacion De Demans Filipinas. Need to blog about this experience as well.

The kids of Asociacion De Damas Filipinas


  • Had our family staycation at Acacia Hotel to celebrate Ate Keka’s 7th birthday! This deserves a separate kick ass post. I think our stay there ruined future staycations for us since ang taas na expectations namin haha. Our family obviously enjoyed our stay!



Fell in love with the super comfy bed and claimed it as hers


Photo sesh before the pool got crowded


Pretty obvious that the beds were very-well slept in

  • Ate like a Viking at Nui. I love buffets! Luging lugi sila sakin haha! We just had a team dinner there. Once more, it deserves a separate post.



Made sure I had my (or the team’s hehe) money’s worth by having x servings of these

Was I busy or what? But truthfully, it’s a good kind of busy. I got busy with work, friends and family. It meant I still have work, I have friends and I’m with family. Who am I to complain?


Wow, this felt good. Just typing away, letting my fingers do the talking.

For the longest time, I was almost too afraid to start writing again since I felt I got nothing to tell anymore. I’ve become that boring co-worker/friend who stays at home looking after her kids.


I AM that co-worker/friend who stays at home looking after her AWESOME kids. That sentence alone makes a couple of interesting conversation subjects. So once more, here is to me committing to blog as often as I can without any lame excuse of having nothing to blog about. Knock me in the head in case I forget, will you?

39 thoughts on “Life Lately: The One Where I Came Back

  1. Rose Angelie says:

    Wow mommy Kath, relate ako dito. Good thing you’re back. Ako hiatus pa rin for a almost 2months na. Hehe Congrats pala ulit for winning our blog giveaway, super delay yung shipment but hope you got it na. 🙂

    Have fun and cheers to blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. msbolin says:

    Tried hand expressing once when I went out for a quick meet up with friends and my breasts did hurt na Talaga. I never thought you could get that much through hand expressing. Ang galing!


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